Worry Monster Cubbie®

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Embroidery Details:
PRE-MADE, NON-PERSONALIZED Designs. Made using Colors from the Color family you choose, PLEASE keep in mind the color scheme is only to give us an idea of the color family you prefer. NOT TO BE A EXACT MATCH as thread colors and shades will differ.

Worry Monster by Cubbies ®

Stuffed Animals are Known to help Children and Adults cope better with Stress and Anxiety 

You can find lots of articles on the benefits of Stuffed Animals for relieving stress as the article found here

https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/animal-assisted-therapy-stuffed-animals-1101121/ the Article touches on how both live and stuffed animals can aid both children and adults with stress, Anxiety, and Dissociation.

 Real animals are just not always available as some apartments don't allow for them, Hospitals and Traveling are also examples of situations were real animals are not always a option. A WORRY Monster could be the perfect solution for your child or your self in reaving stress. 

Cubbies are on average about 13 in High.

 What makes these even more amazing is that they have a zipper bottom with removable pods so you can hand wash your Plush Animal lay flat to dry then just put the pods back in zipping it up and you have a clean fresh Worry Monster.

Our worry monster is not a Animal but some people just like MONSTERS