Worry Bear Cubbie® Classic

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Embroidery Details:
PRE-MADE, NON-PERSONALIZED Designs. Made using Colors from the Color family you choose, PLEASE keep in mind the color scheme is only to give us an idea of the color family you prefer. NOT TO BE A EXACT MATCH as thread colors and shades will differ.

Worry Bear Classic by Cubbies ®

Feeling alone and anxious? Don’t have any friends available to give you company at the moment? To bring ease to you in such times, Lavington brings you the Worry Bear Classic Cubbie® to relieve your stress; the plush toy is made with soft materials that are bound to bring you comfort.

Our Worry Bear is the right choice for you or anyone who deals with stress from time to time. There’s wide research proving the benefits of stuffed animals as stress-relievers; they’re even used in therapy!

The Worry Bear comes with an embroidered quote to uplift your mood when you’re feeling down. With the choice of having the text customized in your preferred colors, the Cubbie® will become very special for you or your loved ones.

The Worry Bear Cubbie® can be bought as a gift for anyone who’s feeling lonely or stressed. It can be given as a token of appreciation for their resilience and strength—one they will surely remember you by!



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