About US

Lavington Designs is a family-owned and operated brand with a mission to create stylish, quality items that bring joy to our customers. We focus on offering products of the highest standard by researching customer feedback and testing our selection in-store before adding them to our range. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we put our heart and soul into each order, providing unparalleled service for every individual who chooses Lavington Designs. Our unique value proposition is rooted in creating beautiful monogrammed gifts that evoke feelings of love, happiness, and gratitude. With this purpose at the forefront of everything we do, we hope to build relationships based on trust as people recognize us as their go-to source for special occasions or when they need something thoughtful for those they care about most. Our ultimate aspiration is to envision a world where meaningful presents are abundant and heartfelt connections are strengthened through superior service delivery while ensuring no gift goes unnoticed!


When you think about the Brand Lavington Designs, you know this:


  • Embroidering Beautiful Personalized Gifts is our Jam.
  • Customer Service will always be by a HUMAN and not a Text Bot.
  • We are always grateful for your order.
  • We only sell items we can proudly put on a WebSite with our family's name in the Brand.


When you Think about the Lavington Family as People, Know this:


  • We are a family that supports each other no matter what.
  • Family is so important to us that we choose to be around each other 40-plus hours daily.
  • We enjoy simple things like Slot Machines, BBQs, Estate Sales, Movies, Crime Dramas, The Hallmark Channel, and Comedy.