Girls Backpacks

Our adorable Stephen Joseph® backpacks for girls are available in fun colors, adorable designs, and super cute patterns! We love variety and easy online ordering, which is exactly what you’ll find here. Backpacks intended for girls ages 3-12. 

Looking for Backpacks for Girls?

If your little girl has her birthday coming up, and if you’re confused what to give her, how about a nice little backpack? Growing up, children will always need something to put all their things in if they have to avoid a mess—plus, a backpack looks like so much fun! If you do want to get one, hop on to Lavington Designs and go through our extensive collection. We’re sure you’ll find a backpack that both you and your little one is sure to love! Our collection has a bit of everything: from modern designs to classic and girly to even tomboy designs—there’s something for everyone. All you need to do is browse online and find just what you’re looking for!

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