Jelly Fish Beach Set

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Jelly Fish Personalized Beach Set for Kids

Adventurous little ones will love this vibrant, colorful beach set that’s complete with everything they need on their first beach trip! Our Jelly Fish Beach Set by Stephen Joseph™ is just what your kid needs to have an enjoyable day building sandcastles and splashing in the water.

No day at the beach is perfect without a durable tote bag to store all your kid’s essentials. This fun 15” x 13” tote bag is complete with a colorful shoulder strap and 5 sand toys for your kid to spend the day building castles.

Keep your little one warm, dry, and happy with our plush hooded towel. The fun, vibrant, themed towel is made of 100% cotton material, making sure it’s gentle and comforting to your toddler’s skin.

Get your adventurous kid ready to dip their toes in the water with this pair of soft, introductory goggles. Made of flexible, adjustable material, they’re perfect for a little one who loves to explore!

Protect your kid from the sun while they’re out collecting seashells with our full-brimmed sun hat. The 100% cotton hat comes in vibrant designs and one size that fits most toddlers. Who said your kid’s first beach day couldn’t be a fashion extravaganza for them?

Commemorate the milestone by getting your little angel’s name monogrammed on their beach set. Browse through our range of thread colors and add a sweet, personalized touch to their beach tote bag, towel, and hat. We recommend pink and Carolina blue threads to make their name pop!

Family Vacations or just a fun day at the beach, this beach set is PERFECT 

Inclueds everything your little one needs for a fun day in the sun.

A Beach bag with sand tools for play, a beach towel for keeping dry, Goggles for playing in the water and a Bucket hat for keeping their head safe from the sun burn.


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