Clown Fish Beach Set

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Clown Fish Kids Beach Bags

Make your kid’s first beach trip one to remember for ages with our Clown Fish Beach Set by Stephen Joseph™. The premium-quality set has everything your kid will need for a fun day by the beach—whether they’re making sandcastles or collecting pebbles to paint later!

All the personalized beach essentials for your kids are stored in the durable, vibrantly-colored tote bag. Perfectly combining fun with durability, this beach tote includes 5 sand toys that your little one will love to play with.

No beach day is complete without a swim in the ocean. Help your little one stay warm and cozy with the plush 100% cotton themed hooded towel. It’s brilliantly orange and incredibly soft to the touch!

Make your kid’s underwater exploration even more fun with ultra-comfortable goggles that are soft, up to 12” adjustable, and perfectly complete the beach look! 

There’s no fun in the sun if your kid’s feeling hot and uncomfortable. Give them the sun protection they need with our one-size-fits-most-toddlers, 100% cotton bucket hat. It’s a fashionable accessory in an eye-catching design that the little one will enjoy wearing.

Get your toddler’s name monogrammed to the front of the hat, towel, and tote bag for a sweet, memorable personalization. Look through our range of colorful thread options and pick one that’s perfect for your little one!

Family Vacations or just a fun day at the beach, this beach set is PERFECT 

Inclueds everything your little one needs for a fun day in the sun.

A Beach bag with sand tools for play, a beach towel for keeping dry, Goggles for playing in the water and a Bucket hat for keeping their head safe from the sun burn.


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