Utility Totes -Gardener Tote

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Embroidery Details:
Personalized at the top above bag center above the pockets. Sample shows Chocolate Thread
Font Size Shown on the Personalizing Preview:
Not actual size see photos to the left for more accurate size

Utility Tote Personalized 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this stunning Personalized Utility tote.

Love spending time in your garden growing your own veggies and fruits? In love with the idea of eating home-grown plant items? If that sounds like you, we've got something you're sure to love: our Gardeners Tote Bag!

This bag will carry all your gardening tools easily and efficiently so you never lose them. It will also make sure you spend more time gardening than hunting for the right tools while out in your back or front yard.

Our personalized gardener tote features a web handle, around six pockets, and a sturdy, safe bottom. Made from 20 oz pure, high-quality canvas, this bag comes with rich, brown trim and a stylish open-top design to provide easy access to your gardening tools.

The bag is spacious and comes with special compartments to hold tools of different sizes. Like all our products at Lavington Designs, the gardener tote boasts a personalized monogram at the front center. To make sure the monogram is customized according to our client's wishes, they are encouraged to send us their preferences for the font, text, style, and up to two colors of their preference.

This helps us brand your bag with your unique personality. It also makes the utility gardener tote the perfect gift for a friend with a particularly green thumb.  

From Garden Tote, Tool Tote or a trip to the Farmers Market this very useful tote is perfect for the job. Great gift idea for Gardeners, Wood Workers, Handman, Crafters and more.


  • 13" H x 16" W x 7.5" D
  • 2.70 lbs
  • Web Handle, 6 pockets, bottom
  • 20 oz Canvas
  • The possibilities are endless when it comes to this Canvas Utility Tote natural with rich brown trim.
  • Open top, No closure.
  • Made with high quality 20 oz canvas material with brown handles and matching trim. .
  • 8 convenient outer pockets perfect for storing all tools and utensils.
  • Very spacious inside. Made with 100% canvas material inside and out.
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