Sloth Quilted Backpack

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Quilted Sloth Backpack

Sloth Backpack by Stephen Joseph ™

Struggling to find the perfect sloth-themed backpack for your little one? Our best-selling Sloth Quilted Backpack by Stephen Joseph™ is a colorful and exciting travel treat for 3–6-year-olds!

The vibrant turquoise and powder pink backpack features stunning sloth and floral graphics that’ll transport your animal-loving angel to the zoo! With an exciting pelican bag charm dangling from the side pocket zipper, the bag keeps kids entertained with its eye-catching accessories and visual surprises.

The machine washable fabric is made of 100% cotton to ensure comfortable wear and increase longevity. The backpack’s comfortable yet durable straps are extra gentle on the back and shoulder.

Worried about accessibility? The bag’s magnetic snap and drawstring closure mechanism ensures seamless opening and closing to help kids reach their belongings like a pro!

Get your adventurous explorer’s name monogrammed on the front flap for a fun touch of personalization.

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