Paty® Knit Newborn Pinstripe Blanket

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Paty Inc.® Pinstripe Newborn Blanket

Babies are adorable! And all their things should be too. If you're having a baby, or know that someone close to you is, the fact that you're on this page looking for baby stuff already says that you care about this little one. And when you care about someone, you try to give them the absolute best!

Now, when it comes to baby gifts, the best route is getting high-quality, practical, functional, and cute items. If you're looking for something in the soft, fluffy, comfortable, and luxurious department, we'd suggest this knit newborn pinstrip blanket from Lavington Designs.

Made using a high-quality blend of poly/cotton material, these blankets are soft, fluffy, and will not irritate the baby's sensitive skin. The blankets are available in three different colors for you to choose from. At Lavington Designs, we have matching beanies, booties, and gowns for each of the three colors.

Not only do these products make for excellent gifts for expectant mothers and newborns, but these are also great items to include in baby shower presents!

Paty®Brand Baby Clothing Quality Hand Made in The USA.

Lavington Designs is so Proud To Carry Paty ® Brand Clothing in our Monogramming shop we LOVE the Quality and Elegant Style of Paty ®Clothing

Our Monogrammed Newborn Booties are A BEST SELLER and Pair Beautifully with our Monogrammed Newborn Gowns.

Made from the Famous Paty Knit and available in 3 Great colors. Matching Beanie, Gown and Bootie Available.

Poly/Cotton blend use delicate cycle on a cool setting.

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