Paty® Knit Newborn Bear Ears Beanie

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Paty Inc.®Bear Ears Beanie

You can never do too much baby shopping. As expecting parents or as parents of a newborn, baby shopping is an exciting part of the process. No amount of clothes and shoes seem enough when it’s your baby’s turn. And we’ve got the cutest article that you can add to your baby’s wardrobe.

Paty’s Knit Bear Ears Beanie belongs in your baby’s wardrobe. Its high-quality Poly/Cotton blend will settle well on the baby’s skin and will keep them from getting cold. The loose fit will keep your baby’s little ears covered well, ensuring they don’t feel uncomfortable no matter how long they wear it for.

The beanie is adorned with a delicate trim and ribbon bow that comes in two colors; blue and pink. And the bear ears at the top add a flare to the baby’s outfit that is bound to catch stares!

So what’s stopping you from placing your order for these luxury handmade beanies? Put a whole matching outfit together and make sure your baby stays on top of their style game!


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