Paty®Knit Bloomers

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Paty®Knit Bloomers 

Babies are everyone's favorite tiny human beings. From their cute little fingers to the most adorable feet in the world, they bring us joy, happiness, and blessings. One of the harder things about being a parent to little kids is making sure that messy diapers don't ruin your kid's clothes. One great way to go about this is by investing in good-quality bloomers or diaper covers. If you're looking for some, we might have something for you!

Paty's—a handmade baby clothing brand—knit bloomers, are created with a high-quality poly/cotton blend material. The material is soft and gentle on the baby's skin and does not cause irritation or rashes. The bloomers are designed to cover the diaper completely and keep then in place to prevent mishaps.

Unlike most other bloomers, these ones are designed to be neither too tight nor too loose to ensure the baby is comfortable all day long. They come in two trims; white with a blue knit, or white with a mint-colored knit.

The Paty knit bloomers can be machine-washed using a delicate cycle on a cool setting and get softer and more comfortable with each wash. If you're looking for more clothing items to match the new bloomers, we feature a whole range of clothes from Paty on our website in the baby category.  

Our Pinstrip Knit Bloomer Pair Nicely with our Knit Summer Dresses, Mint or Blue Knit with Matching trim ( dresses Have Pink Trim).

Perfect Diaper cover adding making for a more stylish look.

Poly/Cotton blend use delicate cycle on a cool setting.

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Knit Bloomers:
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