Paci Plushie

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Paci Plushie

Tired of frantically trying to find your baby’s pacifier while they scream in desperation for their little soother? This paci-plushie paci-blankie is exactly what you need.  Featuring a cashmere-soft blanket with a pacifier holder, the paci-plushie paci-blankie is the best gift that you could ever get for yourself and your child. No longer will you have to pick dropped pacifiers off the ground, which will definitely spare you from a lot of stress. And as for your child, they will always have the two things that give them the greatest joy: their lovie and pacifier. Moreover, the paci-plushie paci-blankie can help your little one develop their motor skills as they have to independently maneuver the pacifier from a young age.

The paci-plushie paci-blankie was specially designed to keep the baby’s pacifier close by. It features a hug ring that holds your baby’s pacifier. This design offers parents the flexibility of replacing and sanitizing their little one’s pacifier. Let’s not forget that the paci-plushie also doubles as a lovey. Therefore, once they outgrow their pacifier, the paci-blankie remains a familiar lovey that helps to ease the transition. Offering convenience and functionality, the paci-plushie paci-blankie certainly qualifies as a thoughtful baby shower gift. You can make it even more special by having us customize it for you with a simple message or anything else you like. After all, who would ever fail to appreciate a personalized lovey? Note: The pacifier is sold separately.


  • Snuggly blankie with pacifier holder.
  • Fun and functional.
  • Pacifier is sold separately.
  • Blankie is Machine-washable.

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