MINI Tablet Bag Personalized Multi-able Color Choices

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Embroidery Details:
Monogrammed on the Front Pocket

Mini Tablet Bag Personalized

Did you just receive a mini-tablet as a gift? If you did, we’re super happy for you! Now all you need is a bag that can carry it, to prevent it from getting damaged. If you’re looking into luxury mini-tablet bag ideas, here’s a suggestion: our personalized MINI tablet bag.

This bag is suitable for both adults and children and will keep your tablet screen safe from scratches and dents. You can carry the bag on its own or slip it into your backpack or tote for easier carrying without increasing the bulk. Machine-washable, it’s easy to maintain, clean, and its high-quality manufacturing helps it last longer.

The bag features a soft, cushioned interior and a small front pocket to hold smaller items like a stylus, stationary, change, earphones, or a charger for easy access. Equipped with a sturdy zipper, the bag ensures that nothing falls out.

Manufactured using a high-quality 90% Neoprene/10% Polyester material, the bag is designed with a color-coordinated zig-zag detail to help you look stylish wherever you carry it. To personalize it, make sure you fill out the order form with your preferences regarding the text, style, font, and up to two colors of choice.




  • 8.25"W x 5.5"H
  • 90% Neoprene/10% Polyester
  • Color-coordinated zipper on main compartment
  • Easy access front pocket
  • Color-coordinated zig-zag stitching detail
  • Machine washable


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