Jute Cosmetic Bag

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Makeup Bag-Personalized

Sometimes, you don’t need to carry a huge bag. When all you need to take with you are essential make-up items, your keys, and your cell phone, it’s important to make sure your pouch is classy, stylish and high-end—after all, you don’t want to leave a bad impression on people.

This where our jute cosmetic bag comes in. It’s your BFF for all the times when you just need a few personal items and don’t want to deal with the responsibility of hauling your day bag around—such as on date nights, dinners with friends, or when catching up with family.

Created from high-quality canvas, this bag features two shades, a classic top zip closure, and carries a personalized monogram on the front center. This monogram is personalized according to the customer’s wishes. At Lavington Designs, we let customers choose fonts, styles, text, and up to two colors to personalize the monogram design.

Use it as a small cosmetic purse, or an addition to your day bag that carries all your make-up items in one place. The personalization feature also makes it an excellent gift option for celebrating a girlfriend’s success.

Easily our favorite and most versatile small accessory, the makeup bag comes second to none with it's classic two-tone canvas body paired with solid die trim.

For your self, Or as a gift for your Bridemaids these personalized makeup bags are practical and affordable.


  • 7" H x 11" W x 3" D
  • 0.95 lbs
  • zip closure, finger loop
  • 12 oz Canvas
  • Easily our favorite and most versatile small accessory, the Makeup Bag comes second to none with its classic two-tone canvas body.
  • Top Zip Closure.
  • 1 inch Finger Loop to match the bottom base color.
  • High quality 12 oz canvas designed to hold its shape.
  • 100% canvas inside and out.



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