Four Bottle Wine Tote Monogrammed -Maroon

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Four Bottle Wine Tote Monogrammed-Maroon

According to Greek mythology, when wine first came to be, people thought it was a curse from the Gods because it was making them lose control. But as they took it in and realized that no one is dying and that it was actually kind of fun, they started taking it a blessing from the wine god, Dionysus.

To this day, wine is one of the key ways to celebrate an occasion, make delicious gourmet food, and even unwind after a stressful day at work. It's surprising how important wine is in our lives, and now, you don't have to go anywhere without your favorite bottle of luscious red wine, with our maroon four-bottled monogrammed wine tote.

The tote is created from natural canvas and features full bottom support with detachable dividers to make sure the wine bottles don't bump into each other or topple over and break. The maroon wine tote, like all our products, also features a customized monogram at the front center of the bag that our design team creates according to our customers' preferences.

Customers are encouraged to send us their choice of font, style, text and up to two colors to help us design a monogram that is best suited to their unique choices.

If it’s wine-o’clock on your watch, you better get ready for the night. Hit up your friends and decide on a spot to meet. But before that, get your finest selection of wine chilled and ready to go!

Our Four Bottle Wine Tote Monogrammed bags are perfect for any occasion. If you want to keep your wine bottle safely stored in a bag, these sturdy totes are the most reliable option. Manufactured with premium 15 oz natural canvas and a robust bottom, these boat tote carriers are exactly what you need to keep your wine bottles safe. Worried about the bottles knocking against each other? These bags come with detachable Velcro dividers that will keep each of the four bottles in separate compartments.

Weighing only 1.20 lbs, these bags are portable and easy to carry. The best bit is that you can get them monogrammed with text in the font and color of your choice. Place your order now.

4 Bottle Wine Carrier with dividers a convenient new way to carry your favorite whites and reds to and from a friend or family's home. Made with High Quality 15 oz Natural Canvas with Contrasting Colored Trim.
Don't show up to your next dinner party or book club without your Monogrammed Wine Tote in hand.


  • 9.5" H x 10.25" x 7" D
  • 1.20 lbs
  • 15 oz Canvas
  • This all new portable wine tote was carefully constructed with our classic and timeless boat totes in mind.
  • Open Top, No Closure
  • Made with High Quality 15 oz Natural Canvas with Contrasting Colored Trim
  • Designed to hold its shape, includes bottom support
  • Holds Four Standard Wine Bottles with two Detachable Velcro Dividers 


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