Birth Stat Quilt- Train

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Baby Stat Quilt with the Cutest little Train shown in Primary Colors

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new baby? If so, your choices are as follows: you can choose to give them something off the shelf or something that’s unique to them.

Personalized gifts are always better, and that’s why we let you put the baby’s name and stats on our Birth Stat Quilts! It even has a cute train on the corner.

You get to choose from ten quilt colors and a color scheme to match. Once you provide us with the baby’s details, we’ll embroider them onto the quilt and will have it shipped to you in 72 hours!

We know how easily baby quilts get soiled, so we’ve made it super easy for parents to clean ours. Our baby quilts are made of high-quality cotton that can be machine-washed as many times as needed without compromising its strength and color. In fact, our baby quilts get softer with every wash! They’re bound to become a favorite for your baby’s nursery.

Our birth stat quilts celebrate your newborn’s arrival. You can send us their name, birth date, weight, and length, so we can add it to the quilt; this way, you’ll never forget any details of the big day!

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each quilt features Baby's Name, Date of Birth, Time, and Weight making each quilt a custom creation. Embroidered on a 100% cotton Heirloom quality quilt, Just imagine how cute this is going to look in the baby's nursery and what a special keepsake it's going to be for saving in the baby's memory chest.


  • Baby Heirloom Quilt with scalloped edgesr
  • 100% cotton
  • Size 36"X46"
  • Machine Wash
  • Tumble Dry

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