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Monogrammed Quilt

Monogrammed Baptism Quilt with Cross

The best baptism gifts are the ones that are timeless, making this gorgeous heirloom baby quilt the perfect baptism gift.

Years will go by, and the baby will grow, but every time you see this quilt, it’ll take you right back to the day when you and your loved ones gathered in a church for your child’s baptism.

We also let you print the baby’s name, initials, and a short phrase on the quilt, so it’s personalized and that much more special! You can even choose to add the date above the tiny cross to commemorate the moment.

And that’s not all! You can also monogram their initials with a thread in the color of your choice; you can stick to the traditional pink for girls, blue for boys, or get creative and put your own spin on the quilt.

The beautiful quilt is light, soft, and embellished with scalloped edges. Your child’s going to treasure this baptism quilt for a long time!

Choose from a variety of color combinations, let us know what you would like printed, and we’ll do the rest!

Let us help you make your gift extra special for your loved ones!

Looking for the Perfect Baptism Gift? Look no further. Our heirloom baby quilts are a perfect choice. Your quilt will be personalized with the child's name, date, and a cross. (cross can be left off by request)

You choose the Thread color for both the name and the cross, then select a font, and we will embroider your quilt and get it out to you as fast as possible. 


  • Baby Heirloom Quilt with scalloped edges
  • 100% cotton
  • Measure 36" by 46"
  • Machine Wash 
  • Tumble Dry

Additional Details

Embroidery Details:
You choose the colors, our sample is done in Blue with Grey Cross

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