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6PK Beer Bottle Tote

Personalized Beer Totes perfect gift for VIP associates. Clubs, Businesses, and more.

ALL CORPORATE ORDERS Should be emailed to Orders@lavingtondesigns.com.

Include Qty, Colors, and your time frame.

We will Confirm stock and turnaround time. Lavington Design will then contact you to complete the transaction.


Logo Size Limit  4 x 4

File format PES or DST

Dlvy 15-25 days


Email us for Stock and dlvy for large orders 

Going on a camping trip with the boys? How about a BBQ? Or even a road trip! Admit it, you've been dying to have some time out with your favorite men in a peaceful place where you can really be yourself, have great food, drink some beer, and recharge.

But what’s a trip with the boys when your beer bottles keep clinking against the floor of the car, threatening to break? We've got something to help you with that! Our 6 PK beer bottle carrier will make sure you have good beer at hand, without it breaking.

Carrying up to six beer bottles at a time, our bottle carrier can be a real trip saver. What’s more, even though it is created to carry your beer, it’s designed to help you retain your style no matter where you go, whatever you’re wearing, and whatever you’re carrying in it.

The bag also features a customizable monogram that allows you to make it truly yours. At Lavington Designs, we offer our clients a chance to personalize the product according to their own preferences. Personalization options include selecting their choice of font, style, text, and up to two colors for designing and creating the monogram.

We bet you can’t name a better duo than beer and BBQ. We make it possible for you to enjoy both with our 6PK Beer Bottle Carrier to carry your beer bottles to every BBQ party on your calendar.

You don’t have to turn up the music because the bottles clink noisily on the car floor. This is a personalized 6pk bottle carrier that’ll keep the bottles safe in tow on the way.

Made with 18 oz waxed canvas, the bag boasts of sturdiness and durability like none other. The bag is available in a range of earthy tints such as khaki, olive, slate or yellow to become the envy of your beer buddies. The Velcro dividers are detachable so that you can personalize their functions as per need.

These open-top beer carriers will be your ticket to every beer party!

Do you buy Beer in a 12 pack or more to save money? That's great! But what about when you are going to hang with friends and need a 6pk to take along? Do you stop and buy a 6pk or lay 6 bottles on the floor of the car and listen to them clink all the way to your desonation ? Well we have the solution our Personalized 6pk Carrier keeps your bottles safe in tow.


  • 8" H x 8" W x 6" D
  • 1.70 lbs
  • 18 oz Waxed Canvas
  • Become the envy of your buddies with this stylish beer carrier at your next BBQ, tailgate or holiday party with this Waxed Canvas 6-Pack Beer Bottle Carrier.
  • Open top, No closure.
  • Available in Waxed Canvas Olive, Khaki, Slate, or Yellow.
  • Features 6 slots constructed specifically for beer bottles, so you don't have to worry about them breaking while in tow to your destination.
  • Inner bottle divider is completely detachable by velcro for ease of personalization.

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