Bridesmaid Gifts

Filling a Monogrammed Bridesmaid Tote

What to fill a Personalized Bridesmaid Tote with.

Personalized Bridesmaid Totes make a great Thank You Gift for
for your Bridal Party, But what do you fill them with before giving them to your Bridesmaids?
Here is a list of ideas we have found to fill them Totes.

Spa Day Totes
Personalized Rope Tote from Lavington Designs

1) Bath Bombs - Buying From a Local Crafter may be Cheaper than the Retail Options.
2) Foot Lotion
3) 3 Bath Sponges - ( 3 for using up more space in the bag)
4) Monogrammed or Non-Monogrammed Hand Towel Budget Permitting.
5) Face Cleaner
6) Crossword Puzzle
7) Magazine
8) Hair Towel
9) Makeup Removers
10) Mud Mask

Stuff Tissue Paper in the bottom of the Bag to give the Bag a Fuller Appearance.

Beach Theme Fillers:
Monogrammed Beach Tote or Personalized Rope Tote
1) Monogrammed Beach Towel
2) Flip Flops
3) Spray on Tanning Lotion
4) Monogrammed Beach Spike
5) After Tanning Lotion

Other Great Gifts You Might Like :
The Makeup Eraser
Monogrammed Robes
Monogrammed Bath Towels
Bath Salts
Picture Frames
NoteBook and Pen set
Stationary- With Initial

Depending on the Theme of Your wedding and Your Budget there are always Great Gifts to Fill you Beautiful Monogrammed
Tote Bags with, I hope this Article sparked some ideas for you,
and DON'T forget Discount stores Like Tj Max, and Tuesday Mornings and Great Places to find Fillers for you Gift Bags.

Monogrammed Bridesmaid Tote

Gift Giving

Personalized Baby Gifts

Monogrammed/Personalized Baby Gifts

Lavington Designs offer a lot of GREAT options for Personalized Baby Gifts.

We offer Onesies, Gowns, Blankets, Cubbie, Bibs, Rompers and even
Personalized Pillows for your Nursery Decor.

We offer Gifts in all Price Ranges and no matter what your Price Range is your sure to find the Perfect Personalized Gift.

Wee Snuggies start at around $18 and are excellent Baby Shower Gifts, and Cubbies are Great Gifts and can be personalized with
Baby's Name or Birth stats and Range in Prices of $32.99 and up.

 Baby Towel sets come with a Hooded Towel, Burp Cloth, and Bib and come Personalized with or without Designs.

Check out a Monogrammed Baby Section for lots of great
ideas for your next Baby Shower.


Personalized Baby Blanket

Gift Giving, monogrammed gifts

Monogrammed/ Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts

Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts that are Beautiful and Practical

Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized

Wedding planning can be very stressful but choosing the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids does not have to be.

Lavington Designs offer lots of great Personalized Gift ideas
for any budget.

You want your gifts to be Practical, Classy and Personal.
Are Monogrammed Wedding Party Gifts a Perfect on their own or used in a Gift Basket with other items.

For Budgets of $20. - $40.

Check out Canvas Cosmetic Bags, at $20 each
or our Waffle Weave Cosmetic Bags at around  $ 12. each

We also have Great Tote Bags like the Rope Tote for around $25 the
rope tote is a great everyday tote bag for taking to the Beach, Gym, Shopping.

And the Advantage Tote is a Beautiful Tote bag and offers lots of room and comes in lots of great colors for around $40.

For Those with a more substantial budget, you will want to check out our Monogrammed Weekends for Ladies there made from a Heavy Weight Canvas and offer LOTS of room making them perfect for Weekend Getaways.

No matter what you Choose, your Bridesmaids will love their Monogrammed Bags for years to come.

Check out other sections of our Website also we have Beach Towels that would make a Great Bridesmaid gift for a Beach wedding,

Or maybe Pair up are Rope Tote and a Monogrammed Beach Towel for under $ 50.00

monogrammed gifts

Ring Bearer Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts for the Ring Bearer

Why looking for Groomsmen Gifts and Bridesmaids Gifts
don't forget your Ring Bearer.

Add a King of the Bling Cubbie to you Wedding party Gift order.

The Design is available for Embroidery on any of the Cubbies on the Website Just Leave me a Message in the Note section of your order as to what Cubbie you would like.

Cubbies are Awesome as they are easy to clean, as they have a zipper on the Bottom and Removable pods for the stuffing.

Hand wash and Air Dry.

And as Alway feel free to Contact Customer Service thru using the Contact us link on are Website or Call Customer Service at 435-850-8748.