Kids Art Apron

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Kids Art Apron

Keep your kid's clothes clean and save yourself a great deal of hassle with these gorgeous art smocks for children by Stephen Joseph. With a simple design featuring your child's favorite character, these kids' art smocks with sleeves are both versatile and playful. Body is made 100% of EVA, a rubber-like waterproof material that renders these art smocks appropriate for all kinds of arts and crafts. Whether your child is in need of something to wear while in school or at home, for painting or crafting, a Stephen Joseph waterproof art smock will do the trick. Features long sleeves made of 100% polyester for the best protection.

            These kids' aprons are designed with a tummy pocket where your little one can hold all their important art supplies. The tummy pocket is also great for catching spills. Apron is reusable and can simply be wiped clean. Easy to wear, and your little one can move around freely while they have it on. These waterproof art smocks for children are a great gift for kids who love to paint and get hands-on. Add it to your cart now and let your little Picasso's imagination run wild.


  • Great protection due to long sleeves.
  • Body 100% EVA. Sleeves 100% polyester.
  • Tummy pocket perfect for keeping all their creative tools.
  • Wipe clean with soap and water.
  • Size: 29.75" by 14.25".
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