Worry Dog Cubbie®

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Embroidery Details:
PRE-MADE, NON-PERSONALIZED Designs. Made using Colors from the Color family you choose, PLEASE keep in mind the color scheme is only to give us an idea of the color family you prefer. NOT TO BE A EXACT MATCH as thread colors and shades will differ.

Worry Dog by Cubbies ®

Who doesn’t like dogs? And who doesn’t like stuffed animals? Well, we’ve put the two together to bring you the cutest stuffed animal you can buy!

This Worry Dog Cubbie® is just one in the huge range of plush, worry animals we stock. Made with a very soft material, the Dog Cubbie® is the perfect cuddle partner for any child or young adult. In fact research has proven that stuffed toys can provide genuine comfort to people who deal with stress and loneliness.

You can even get a quote embroidered on the Cubbie® that you know will uplift your mood. On top of that, you get the option of customizing your Worry Dog Cubbie® by choosing a color for the embroidered quote. This adds a touch of personal—something anyone will appreciate if you choose to gift them this stuffed animal.

The Cubbie® is easy to play, and the best part is that the plush pods are removable. The zipper at the bottom can be opened to remove the pods when they need to be washed. This makes the process easier and ensures you or your child always has a clean toy to play and cuddle with!


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