Worry Bear Cubbie®

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Embroidery Details:
Worry Animals are PRE-MADE designs, NON PERSONALIZED Plush.

Worry Bear by Cubbies ®

Stuffed animals are a source of stress relief for people of all ages. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or a young adult, they can provide you with comfort when you need it most. And animal-shaped plush toys are even better, since they mimic the feeling of hugging a real pet.

This Worry Bear Cubbie® is the perfect buy for anyone who’s looking to keep their little one entertained, or to teach them care and empathy. Cuddling with the Worry Bear is bound to relieve your worries by giving you the comfort and space you need after a long, exhausting day of work.

If you know someone who’s often stressed and anxious, this Worry Bear will make for a great gift for them. You can show them your support and appreciation while simultaneously gifting them something that will elevate their spirits and remind them of you when they don’t feel well.

The Worry Bear Cubbie® comes with a motivational caption to remind you of better days. You also get the option of personalizing the text color on the Cubbie’s® chest. This will add a personal touch, making the bear feel special.


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