Robot Rain Coat Personalized Set

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Robot Rain Jacket

Personalized Kids Rain Coat

Includes Rain Coat, Boots and Umbrella

Our Personalized Robot Rain Gear is a smart and eye-catching rain set for 2–7-year-olds. The royal blue set features a stunning array of robots, constellations, planets, and spaceships that’ll fuel your child’s imagination and satiate their curiosity for outer space! Each set includes:

  • A High-Quality Raincoat
  • Boots
  • Umbrella

The 100% waterproof and machine washable raincoat offers optimal protection and dryness. Whether your adventure-loving explorer is splashing in puddles or enjoying a rainy day at the beach, the heavy-duty raincoat will keep them safe and snug. The coat features a soft polyurethane outer shell and a lightweight cotton lining to enhance comfort.

Our high-quality boots are made of 100% rubber to enhance grip and reduce the chances of slippage. The 100% polyester lining further increases protection.

As the cherry on top, the colorful and protective umbrella opens and closes seamlessly, thereby helping children operate it with ease. Simply pop it open and let it pour! Its wrap-around Velcro closure is perfect for easy storage.

Don’t forget to get your child’s name monogrammed on the front for a sweet touch of personalization! Check out our wide range of exciting thread colors to find the perfect pick for your little explorer.


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