Overlap Baby Gown-Pink Trim

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Embroidery Details:
Monogram will be at the Top Of the Gown.
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Monogrammed Overlap Baby Gown

Having a baby is exciting, thrilling, and wondrous, but it’s not easy. There are a million things to be done before their arrival. The most important of all is having the perfect wardrobe ready for the baby.

One of the best things you could add to your baby's coming-home wardrobe is this overlap baby gown in the pink trim.

The gown is perfect for dressing the baby up when visiting their grandparents for the first time, taking family pictures, and even when visiting friends and family. Made from a gentle, soft material, this gown by Paty will never irritate your baby's delicate skin.

Featuring superior design, the gown is gathered at the bottom with a simple satin bow and a small eyelet trim around the neck and hands. But that's not all. Even though they’re available in only two trims, pink and blue, our team at Lavington Designs makes sure that each item is as unique and special as your baby.

Each gown boasts a unique monogram that is designed according to the parents’ preferences. The parents are encouraged to send us their choice of text—for example, the name, their initials, or another word like "LOVE."

They can also send us their preferences for the font, style, design, and up to two of their favorite colors to help our design team create the perfect monogram.


Preemie (0) 2-4 lbs
Newborn (1) 5-10 lbs
3-6 Month (3) 11-14 lbs
6-9 Month (6) 15-18 lbs
9-12 Month (9) 19-22 lbs
12 Months (12) 23-25 lbs
18 Months (18) 26-28 lbs

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