Large Cabana Tote

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Large Cabana Tote

The Large Cabana Tote is built for the busy woman who can’t afford to forget things. This bag will carry your whole world with you if you want it to. Practical, spacious, stylish, and sturdy, this bag is built to support heavyweights. The vegan gold leather trim also makes sure you make a fashion statement as you go around being the boss you were meant to be.

The large cabana tote is created with 100% pure carbon and features a vegan leather trim. The bag also comes with an interior lining that helps it retain its shape and provides an extra layer of protection. The large cabana bag also features an interior zipper pocket to give you easy access to smaller items; for example, your house or car keys, extra cash, and your favorite lipstick.

Another interesting feature of the bag is a personalized monogram that’s suited to your choice and preferences. This allows you to brand your bag with your unique personality. Like all the products at Lavington Designs, the large cabana tote bag also carries a personalized and customizable monogram on its front center.

All our clients are encouraged to send us their preferences for the text, font, style, and up to two colors of their choice to help our design team create a unique monogram.  

As a busy woman, you know how hard it is to carry everything you need, and if you're carrying a small purse, it's not going to be that helpful. When running around picking up forms and contracts, your be glad you have a large tote so you can throw everything in your bag and keep things all together. Not only is this tote practical it's also fashionable with its Vegan Gold Leather trim giving an exquisite look to your tote and the ability to add a monogram you're going to look good why running your errands.

Our large fashion tote is a dream come true for moms on the go now you have room for your personal belongings plus room for the kid's snacks and some hand wipes to keep them clean, why keeping you looking fashionable. You're going to find this tote to be very useful on your next Cruises or Family vacation.
And Buying fashion bags online is easy, and smart save time and gas by ordering your personalized tote online in just minutes.


  • 22.5" L x 7" W x 14.5" H
  • Canvas with Vegan Leather Trim
  • Interior Lining
  • Interior Zipper Pocket
  • Magnetic Snap Closure
  • Reinforced Bottom
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