personalized towels
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Persnalized Towels-Yours and Mine


       Personalized Towels- Yours and Mine

               Embroidered Hand Towels

                         This set Included TWO Hand Towels






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personalized towels

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Personalized Hand Towels- Yours and Mine


We use High-End Retail Brands for our Towels.   As a small Business Shopping around for Wholesale Suppliers of Towels
I found the offerings did not meet my requirements, so I decided for My business Buying Bulk  Discontinued Style High-End Brands was the best option for my Business and my Customers.
I realize this is an odd thing for a Business to do but I feel My Customers would Prefer this to the Wholesale Towels That I have ordered for sampling. If they are not good enough for me, then I can't ask that they be good enough for my Customers.
White Hand Towels
High Quality

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