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Monogrammed Towel Set


Monogrammed Towel Set

2 Bath-2 Hand Towels and 4 Wash clothes, Custom Embroidered Bath Towels

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Monogrammed Towel Set

Monogrammed Bath Towel Sets

Dress up you Guest Bathroom with a new set of Monogrammed Bath Towels.

Are Plush Bath Towel Set includes 2 BATH Towels, 2 Hand Towels, and 4 Wash Cloths

Bath Towel 30" x 56" , Hand Towel 18" x 30" ,  Wash Towel 13" x 13"

We will MONOGRAM the Bath Towels and the Hand Towels ONLY.

Monogrammed Towels make a Great Gift.


We use underlay under are Monograms so the Monogram on your towels will look GREAT even after washing.

Some shops do a standard Monogram and even though they are pretty when you get them after washing you will find the Nat from the Towels is coving some of your Monogram and they will no longer look crisp and Beautiful.

This is why its taken a few years to add Towels to my Store.
I just could not offer something that I would not want to buy for my own home.

BUT I got towels mastered now and I am monogramming them for everyone" I LOVE TOWELS".
Choose Lavington Designs and you will get a BEAUTIFULLY MONOGRAMMED towel set that looks great out of the BOX and after WASHING.

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