Christmas Plush

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Embroidery Details:
Designs can not be changed, we can change thread colors and add your childs name only.

Personalized Stuffed Animals 

Holidays are the perfect occasion for exchanging gifts. Christmas especially, is a time when everyone looks forward to spending some extra cash on thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

When it’s a holiday that centers around children, you definitely need to go all out and get them special gifts.

A personalized stuffed animal with the child’s name on it is a surefire way to attract toddlers’ attention. The variety of stuffed animals offered at Lavington Designs is the perfect gift for any parent who’s shopping for a baby. To add that extra Christmas touch, Lavington offers customizations that will add a cute quote and your child’s name to the stuffed toy.

These Christmas Plush toys make for the perfect gift for any child you may be celebrating Christmas with. They’re a great gift for your own or a loved one’s child and can also be used to decorate your Christmas tree for that early morning gift-opening tradition.



  • A Personalized Cubbie® Average size is 13in High
  • Hand wash and lay flat dry ( Unzip bottom and remove Stuffing Pods to clean).


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