What to buy Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts are something we all need to buy from time to time.
And trying to figure out what would be the Perfect gift can be
stressful as you want to give something Practical that the parents need but at the same time something Personal that will Be Treasured for years.

When I have a Baby Shower Gift I need to buy, I like to start with
2 or 3 small items from the Registry, I look for things like sheets, toys, pacifiers, spoons, etc. For some reason, People seem to bypass
these items on the registry, maybe they feel like they will look cheap if they buy these items BUT I love these Items, These Items are great for making GIFT BASKETS.

Once you have 2 to 3 of these items or more if your Budget allows then you can simply add a Personalized Gift, like a Personalized Baby Blanket or a Monogrammed Lovie and then Simple put all your gifts in a cute little basket, You can Normally find some sort of gift basket for a reasonable price.  ( I like buying these type things when I see them on clearance and putting back for this exact situation).
Now for wrapping up your gift basket, you can find gift basket wrap at most craft stores for around $5.00 Better yet use the 50% off coupon that most all Craft Stores put out on a weekly basis.

Your gift has now gone from Blah to WOW.