Gift Giving

Personalized Stuffed Animals

Embroidered Plush, Cubbies

We have recently added Embroidered Plush to our store.
Cubbies make great gifts for Birthdays, Holidays, Baptism and Christenings; They are also great gifts for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers.

Are Worry Bears, Bunnies, Monsters are Great for Children who may be struggling with Stress and worrying.
1 in 5 Children has trouble sleeping due to worrying.
Worrying and Stress in Children not only cause sleeping issues but also causes Stomach issues.
 It is believed that stuffed animals can help children cope with depression and traumatic events.

Cubbies can be Personalized for with Just a Name or Monogram or
with a Design.

What makes Cubbies better than other  Stuffer Animals is that not only Can you Personalize them but they have a Zipper on the Bottoms and Removable Pods (stuffing Pods), so you can EASILY Clean your Cubbie.

Clean: Hand wash and Air Dry

Check out Our Cubbie Line and feel Free to Contact us with any Questions or Personalization Needs.



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