Birth Announcement Quilt- Flamingo

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Usually Ships in 72 hrs
Embroidery Details:
You May choose a Color Scheme but please keep in mind we will use colors simular to the color but NOT EXACT , We choose were to use the colors and all fonts.

Birth Announcement Quilt-Personalized 

Is your home going to be echoing with the contagious laughter of a baby soon? If so, you better prepare the nursery with the softest, most snug pillows, cushions, and quilts.

Newborn babies spend much of their time sleeping, which is why it helps to have a closet packed with gorgeous baby quilts. This Flamingo-print baby quilt will make for an excellent addition to your baby’s quilt collection.

Baby quilts get soiled easily and will need to be washed regularly. Our custom baby quilt is machine washable; you can toss it in the washing machine and wash it as many times as you need to without worrying about damaging it.

You can rest assured that its quality won’t decline either—in fact, it’ll only get softer with every wash!

All our quilts are made extra special by adding the baby’s birth details on the quilt; this way, the quilt will be unique to them and can be passed onto generations to come.

Help us make the best quilt for your little one. You choose the color scheme, tell us what you want printed on the quilt, and let us get to work!

We’ll make the quilt according to the colors and font you choose, and embroider the baby’s birth information. You’ll receive the quilt within 72 hours!

Flamingos !! This soft and snuggly Baby Quilt gets even softer after washing.
Personalized with a Pink Flamingo and your Baby's Birth Stats making this Heirloom Quilt a One of a kind custom quilt.


  • Scalloped edges
  • 100% cotton
  • Size 36" by 46"
  • Machine Wash
  • Tumble Dry