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Worry Bunny


Worry Bunny- Plush

Worry Bunny is here to Listen and Cuddle, A True Friend for your little one.

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Worry Bunny Plush


Worry Bear is the Perfect friend for a small child dealing with stress.
Child Worry way more then we adults realize. They worry about school and making friends, stories they hear on the news, and even busy activity schedules.
Worry Bears/Bunnies are a great way to help your child talk about their Troubles. Children sometimes have trouble talking to a parent about what troubles them this is where a Worry Bunny comes in; Worry Bunny likes to Listen and snuggle.
And just talking about their troubles can be very Therapeutic.

Cubbies Animals range in size from 12in -14in and feature a zipper bottom with removable pods for easy embroidering and for easy cleaning.

Worry Bunny is a Great Gifts for a child that has recently had a major change in his or her life such as a Move, Devoice, Death of a loved one, Just start Daycare and may be suffering from Separation Anxiety. Just to list a few.


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