Worry Bear
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Worry Bear Plush


Worry Bear Blush

Hear to Listen and Snuggle with you when you need him.

You can choose a Worry Bear as Shown or A bear with JUST a NAME no Design.

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Worry Bear
Embridered Plush Animal
Teddy Bear for stress

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Worry Bear - Custom Stuffed Animal


Children worry about so much and Worry Bear wants to help, talking about their troubles even to a Teddy Bear can be so Therapeutic as holding things inside is NEVER a good idea.
Children Worry about School, Friends, Moving, Parents Divorce, Stories on the News,  Over Booked activities.
Kids also pick up on their Parents anxieties.
Small Children going off to Daycare for the first time can suffer from separation anxiety.
Talking to Parents about these things is Great, but for those times they just want to be alone, Worry Bear is there to Listen and Cuddle.


Custom stuffed Worry Monster ready to give to your little worry wart.


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