Personalized Puppy Burp cloths
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Puppy Burp Cloths


Personalized Burp Cloths -Puppy’s

Set of 3 Old Puppys - Beautifully Embroidered

Cotton Extra Absorbent, Add to Cart to Personalize

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Personalized Puppy Burp cloths
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Personalized Burp Cloths-Puppy's

Set of 3 PuppyThemed Burp Cloths

Made on 4ply cloth diapers, embroidered 

~Beautiful Embroidered Puppy Burp Cloth set Includes 3 Burp Cloths.
~Made using 3 ply Cloth Diaper for an extra absorbent Burp Cloth, The design features Old Toy Farm Animals.
~If you're looking for a Gift that can't be found in Retail Stores, something Unique that the Mother will love
then these Embroidered Burp Cloths are the ticket.
~Machine Wash NO BLEACH


Burp Cloths Personalized, Great Baby Gift

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