Adult Monogrammed Apron -Navy

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Monogrammed Apron-Navy

Navy is one of the best colors you could opt for if you're looking to protect your clothes from stains, because the dark color will hide them. If you're looking for an apron to wear in the kitchen and still maintain a sense of style, try our navy-colored adult monogrammed apron.

Created with a combination of high-quality canvas, jute, and cotton, the apron is sturdy, durable, and strong, while also being comfortable and breathable, making it an excellent addition to your kitchen cabinet.

This unisex apron comes with an adjustable neck strap so it fits perfectly as you cook your favorite meals. There are also two front pockets in case you need some space to put essential items like a secret sauce mix, or even some marshmallows to munch on while you wait for your dish to cook.

The navy apron, like all our other products, features a personalized and unique monogram on the front center of the apron. This is designed by our team, keeping in mind your specific preferences for text, font, style, and up to two colors.

Not only is this apron a great buy for your own use, but it also makes for an awesome gift item for friends and family members who love to cook.  

Monogrammed Unisex Apron made from Quality Canvas and Jute Material, Personalized Add name or Monogram to make your Apron 1 of a kind. Features two roomy front pockets, adjustable straps, and a generous tie.


  • 32" H x 26" W
  • 1.30 lbs
  • Adjustable strap, 2 pockets
  • Jute Cotton/10 oz Canvas
  • Keep your clothes protected from unexpected spills and unwanted stains without compromising your sense of style in this Unisex Apron.
  • Easily adjustable neck strap.
  • Made with a canvas, cotton and Jute combination.
  • Features 2 deep front pockets, perfect for keeping your items handy.

Cleaning: Spot clean (hand wash) Hang Dry.

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