Lavington Designs is a family Owned and Operated Business.
I Bought my 1st Embroidery Machine to use on small sewing Projects, I had my Machine for all of a day when I decided I needed a bigger machine, so my husband took me back to the store, and we bought are 1st six needle Professional Machine.
After Embroidering a few things for Friends and Family, I decided
I wanted to start a Business, Since then I have taken Many Embroidery Related Classes for Best Backing Practices, Classes on Threads and Embroidering on Different Fabrics,
I have Invested In specialty Hoops for Embroidering on Different Products and Computer Programs for Monogramming and a 2nd Machine.

I have 5 Years Experience In Embroidering Gifts and Company Promotional Items.
I also have 30 plus years of customers service experience and, a certificate in Small Business Management. We have Tested Many Products and selected only the best items for our shop.

I have Trained My Team (FAMILY) and had them take all the same training classes, and since we are a Family Business you know, we will give your order all our attention as if one of us fails we all fail.

Every Employee in a Family Owned Business is Invested in the Success of that Business for that reason they will work hard to take care of their Customers.

Our Company Values

Ashlee Lavington

(Daughter) Embroidery Assistant / Shipping&Inventory Specialist

A Little Of Our Story

Ryan McCauley (Son)

Sales & Customer Service &Design

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